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Social Media Marketing

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Most people consider SMM, or social media marketing, as a sales channel, but its role is much more important than that. Social networks are the perfect platforms for building a loyal audience for your brand, and you cannot overlook their importance for your business.
Social media marketing is great for sharing viral deals and offers across communities and their friends. Just think about how many friends each of your followers has and then imagine the coverage offer can get.

Development 90%
Optimization 80%
Investment 70%
Tax help 65%

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Unlike other traffic channels, like PPC and SEO, social media marketing gives you the invaluable benefit of eliciting a direct response from the audience about your brand quality and the products you offer. It is awesome for fast-moving consumer goods and for almost any kind of B2C business. Social media is the only channel where you can get feedback from customers instantly, as they either share your post or ignore it.